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Physicians, Patients Vow to Overturn Ruling Striking Down ACA

Medscape uudised - 15 detsember, 2018 - 19:44
The law will stand until January 1, but it's unclear what will happen after that.
Medscape Medical News

No Breast Cancer Risk for Testosterone Use in Menopausal Women

Medscape uudised - 14 detsember, 2018 - 22:59
Research generally does not show a link between breast cancer and testosterone in women when used primarily for hypoactive sexual desire in midlife, but better studies are needed, say the authors of a new review.
Medscape Medical News

Ovarian Dermoids and Autoimmune Encephalitis

Medscape uudised - 14 detsember, 2018 - 17:23
A woman with rapidly worsening neuropsychiatric symptoms? Keep ovarian dermoid tumor on your radar.
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Atypical Antipsychotics Heighten Gestational Diabetes Risk

Medscape uudised - 13 detsember, 2018 - 17:26
Dr Peter Yellowlees discusses a new study which shows that two antipsychotics in particular may have negative metabolic effects.
Medscape Psychiatry

Physician Mothers Face 'Insidious, Persistent' Discrimination

Medscape uudised - 13 detsember, 2018 - 01:42
In a survey, members of a Facebook group for physicians who are mothers spoke of financial losses and workplace hardships due to discrimination and lack of consideration.
Medscape Medical News

New Toxicity Tool: One Oncologist's Dream, Realized

Medscape uudised - 12 detsember, 2018 - 18:14
A recently deceased geriatric oncologist helped create a new tool for assessing toxicity risk in older breast cancer patients.
Medscape Medical News

Vast Majority of Women With Epilepsy Able to Get Pregnant

Medscape uudised - 11 detsember, 2018 - 21:28
The vast majority of women with epilepsy are able to get pregnant with relatively few issues, new research shows.
Medscape Medical News

'The Beauty of De-escalation' for Breast Cancer Nodal Tx

Medscape uudised - 11 detsember, 2018 - 19:20
In a major trial comparing surgery and radiotherapy for the treatment of minimal positive lymph nodes in breast cancer patients, efficacy was similar for both approaches, but one had less morbidity.
Medscape Medical News

Parental Leave Policies Fall Short for Med School Residents

Medscape uudised - 11 detsember, 2018 - 18:32
Despite resident physicians being in their prime childbearing years and pushed to endure inflexible work shifts, medical schools often don't have adequate parental leave policies.
Medscape Medical News

Surgeon: Physicians in Genital Cutting Case Should Lose Licenses

Medscape uudised - 10 detsember, 2018 - 21:17
A 22-year-old US law banning female genital mutilation was ruled unconstitutional in November. A surgeon who repairs the damage says even small cuts can deeply hurt victims.
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Exercise Preserves CV Function in Breast Cancer Patients

Medscape uudised - 10 detsember, 2018 - 20:13
A structured exercise program during treatment helps preserve cardiovascular function in breast cancer patients at both 6 and 12 months compared with standard care.
Medscape Medical News

Difficult Twin Birth Tests Project to Reduce Cesareans

Medscape uudised - 10 detsember, 2018 - 19:41
Team Birth Project, a new method created to reduce the number of C-sections, tested by a difficult twin birth.
Kaiser Health News

'It's Going to Be a Useful Agent': Oxybutynin for Hot Flashes

Medscape uudised - 10 detsember, 2018 - 14:06
A urinary incontinence drug is surprisingly effective in the treatment of hot flashes for both women with a history of breast cancer and those with menopausal symptoms but who do not have cancer.
Medscape Medical News

Free Beer, Wine After Alcohol Warning at Cancer Meeting

Medscape uudised - 7 detsember, 2018 - 20:34
On opening night, an epidemiologist told meeting attendees that any alcohol intake was associated with an increased breast cancer risk. The next night, the organizers provided free beer and wine to attendees.
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Canada Says Talc May be 'Harmful to Human Health’

Medscape uudised - 7 detsember, 2018 - 19:46
The government of Canada is considering restricting the use of talc, as inhalation and use in the female genital area may be ‘harmful to health.’ The move comes amid great controversy.
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Uterine Cancer Incidence and Deaths on the Rise in US

Medscape uudised - 7 detsember, 2018 - 18:43
Black women in particular need to be more aware of the symptoms of uterine cancer to stem the rise in the incidence and mortality rates of uterine cancer in the US, warn CDC experts.
Medscape Medical News

Go Low With Tamoxifen for DCIS

Medscape uudised - 7 detsember, 2018 - 13:23
In a potentially practice-changing result, use of a 5-mg daily dose of tamoxifen for patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) prevented new and recurrent breast cancer events in comparison with placebo.
Medscape Medical News

First Live Birth After Uterus Transplant From Deceased Donor

Medscape uudised - 6 detsember, 2018 - 19:17
With a severe shortage of live uterus donors, the potential ability to use uteri from deceased donors is seen as a 'breakthrough' development.
Medscape Medical News

Food and Fertility: What to Consume When Trying to Conceive

Medscape uudised - 6 detsember, 2018 - 18:13
Although we have only observational evidence, certain nutrients seem to enhance--and others to harm--efforts to conceive.
Medscape Ob/Gyn

New Standard When HER2+ Breast Cancer Isn't Cleared

Medscape uudised - 5 detsember, 2018 - 21:57
'Practice-changing' results support new standard in patients with HER2-positive, early stage breast cancer with residual disease.
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