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Bad Behavior by Medical Trainees Target of New Proposal

29 veebruar, 2020 - 01:49
A "just culture" framework that borrows from the system for evaluating medical errors would help trainees and institutions learn from lapses in professionalism, experts said.
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New Study Suggests Milk Could Increase Breast Cancer Risk

28 veebruar, 2020 - 22:48
A new study suggests drinking cow's milk may increase breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women, but an expert warns that the study is observational and the data should not be over-inflated.
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US Finds Failures in USC's Treatment of Gynecologist Claims

28 veebruar, 2020 - 16:39
School ordered to overhaul procedures for preventing sex discrimination and to conduct a formal review.
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COVID-19 Preparedness: Clinicians Can Lead the Way

28 veebruar, 2020 - 04:24
Clinicians can help lead the way in COVID-19 preparedness by fighting pandemic denial in themselves and being frank with their patients, an expert in risk communication said.
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How Family in the Room Affects Patient Care

27 veebruar, 2020 - 01:10
Dr Andrew Wilner reflects on how having patients' family and friends in the room can lead to a more engaged healthcare team.
Medscape Neurology

High-Dose Vitamin D in Pregnancy May Boost Kids' Bones

26 veebruar, 2020 - 16:06
Questions remain regarding the extent to which the findings support a clinical recommendation.
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FDA Updates Steps to Make Power Morcellators Safer in Surgery

26 veebruar, 2020 - 00:47
Laparoscopic power morcellation for myomectomy or hysterectomy should only be performed with an approved tissue containment system and only in appropriately selected patients.
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CMS Aims to Reduce Physician Burden While Improving Quality

26 veebruar, 2020 - 00:47
The federal agency unveiled new 'rules of the road' for setting standards for quality care and its oversight of measures to improve patient safety and reduce physician burden.
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COVID-19: Time to 'Take the Risk of Scaring People'

25 veebruar, 2020 - 21:31
It's past time to call the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, a pandemic and help people prepare for widespread cases, experts said.
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Benzodiazepines Implicated in High Rate of ED Visits

25 veebruar, 2020 - 21:31
Seven out of eight ED visits attributed to adverse events from benzodiazepines involve self-harm or nonmedical use of these drugs.
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Mediterranean Diet Tied to Gut Diversity and Healthier Aging

25 veebruar, 2020 - 00:23
A new study finds that eating a Mediterranean-style diet alters the gut microbiome and is linked to less frailty and better cognitive function in the elderly.
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Medical Student Mistreatment Higher Among Women, Minorities

25 veebruar, 2020 - 00:23
Mistreatment from senior physicians, nurses, and staff is more common among medical students who are female, nonwhite, and/or not heterosexual.
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Frequent Inpatient Consults Up Care, Cost but Not Outcomes

25 veebruar, 2020 - 00:23
Medicare inpatients whose hospitalists relied more on specialist consultation had longer stays, greater costs, and higher subsequent specialist consultation but not better outcomes, a study found.
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FDA OKs Quadrivalent, Adjuvanted Flu Vaccine for Older Adults

25 veebruar, 2020 - 00:23
The quadrivalent version of Fluad was safe and effective against influenza strains included in the vaccine in multiple clinical studies with adults aged 65 years or older.
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MTHFR and Birth Defects: Does Type of Folate Matter?

24 veebruar, 2020 - 21:21
How do MTHFR genotypes affect blood folate levels and the risk for birth defects? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.
CDC Expert Commentary

FDA OKs First Once-Daily IV COX-2 Preferential NSAID for Pain

21 veebruar, 2020 - 23:37
The FDA approved meloxicam injection (Anjeso, Baudax Bio) for the treatment of moderate to severe pain, either by itself or with other NSAID analgesics.
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Endocrine Society Advises on Use of Romosozumab for Osteoporosis

21 veebruar, 2020 - 17:37
Updated guidance for osteoporosis now includes a recommendation for the use of romosozumab, but only in severe osteoporosis and not in women with a history of myocardial infarction or stroke.
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Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Good This Season, CDC Says

21 veebruar, 2020 - 02:30
Preliminary estimates show influenza vaccine effectiveness for 2019-2020 was 55% in children and 45% overall, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Longer Breastfeeding, Lower Type 2 Risk After Gestational Diabetes

20 veebruar, 2020 - 23:30
Women with a history of gestational diabetes who breastfed for 2 years or longer had a 27% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than those who did not, a new study shows.
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Poll: Americans Unaware STIs Are Common and Increasing

19 veebruar, 2020 - 20:19
Despite evidence showing that some STIs are occurring at an all-time high, a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows American adults are unaware of STIs' prevalence and management.
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