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Why Do Physicians Overtreat Elderly Breast Cancer Patients?

6 veebruar, 2018 - 23:38
Drs Kathy Miller and Reshma Jagsi on the reasons behind practitioners' reluctance to omit radiation therapy in older patients.
Medscape Oncology

Fetal Alcohol Disorders Much More Common Than Prior Estimates

6 veebruar, 2018 - 23:06
Even with conservative methods, the rate of fetal alcohol disorders in the United States may be fivefold previous estimates, researchers reported.
Medscape Medical News

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Which Patients Will Benefit?

5 veebruar, 2018 - 19:55
Dr JoAnn Manson offers clinicians a new resource to guide discussions with patients about vitamins and supplements.
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Influenza Hospitalizations Highest on Record, CDC Says

3 veebruar, 2018 - 00:17
Overall hospitalizations for influenza-like illness are at their highest since the CDC began collecting such data, and the season has yet to peak, according to new government information.
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Ibuprofen in Early Pregnancy May Lower Daughter's Ovarian Reserve

2 veebruar, 2018 - 02:12
Human fetal ovarian explants exposed to ibuprofen during weeks 7 to 12 of development had fewer germ cells and increased cell death.
Medscape Medical News

Frequency of Breast Biopsies After Surgery? Finally, Answers

31 jaanuar, 2018 - 22:47
Remarkably, the medical literature has been unclear -- until now -- about how often patients treated for invasive breast cancer will need biopsies during follow-up.
Medscape Medical News

CDC Director Resigns After Tobacco Stock Trades

31 jaanuar, 2018 - 17:59
The resignation comes a day after Politico reported that Brenda Fitzgerald, MD, had bought interests in tobacco, drug, and food companies early into the job.
Medscape Medical News

Trump Highlights Drug Prices, Opioid Crisis in State of the Union

31 jaanuar, 2018 - 07:52
The president also urged Congress to pass a right-to-try law granting the terminally ill access to experimental therapies.
Medscape Medical News

Which Surgical Sterilization Method Is Most Effective?

30 jaanuar, 2018 - 16:40
Dr Peter Kovacs comments on a comparison of three methods of surgical contraception. The results can be discussed during patient counseling.
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Iodine Deficiency May Contribute to Women’s Fertility Problems

29 jaanuar, 2018 - 20:43
Women who are deficient in iodine and trying to get pregnant may have half the chance of conceiving compared to women with healthy iodine levels, according to a recent U.S. study.
Reuters Health Information

Primary Care Docs Unsure on Pneumococcal Vaccine Guidelines

29 jaanuar, 2018 - 18:20
A nationwide survey showed that primary care physicians enthusiastically support pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination guidelines but show important knowledge gaps; EHR prompts improve vaccination rates.
Medscape Medical News

CDC Says Influenza Activity as Widespread as 2009 Pandemic

26 jaanuar, 2018 - 21:39
The agency said baby boomers now have the second-highest hospitalization rate, and the pediatric death rate is especially alarming.
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CHMP Backs Shingles Vaccine Shingrix for Adults 50 and Older

26 jaanuar, 2018 - 20:51
The European Medicines Agency's CHMP voted to grant marketing authorization for the Shingrix vaccine to prevent herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia.
International Approvals

Four Treatments for Mastectomy Pain, but 'No Magic Drug'

26 jaanuar, 2018 - 17:24
Postmastectomy pain syndrome is common after the surgery. There are treatments, but they all come with caveats. In the end, some patients feel the pain is a 'lost cause.'
Medscape Medical News

Birth Defects Increased In Areas with Local Zika Transmission

26 jaanuar, 2018 - 17:24

Medscape Medical News

Oral HPV Infection Rate Is Alarmingly High in US Men

25 jaanuar, 2018 - 20:06
A large population-based study argues for more rigorous efforts to vaccinate against HPV infection and prevent subsequent head and neck cancers, says Dr Markman.
Medscape Oncology

Prenatal Vitamins and Folic Acid Linked to Lower Autism Risk

25 jaanuar, 2018 - 19:50
Women who take folic acid and multivitamins before and during pregnancy may be less likely to have children with autism than mothers who don’t use these supplements, an Israeli study suggests.
Reuters Health Information

Gut Bacteria Less Diverse in PCOS; Could Probiotics Be a Therapy?

24 jaanuar, 2018 - 16:23
Hyperandrogenism in PCOS shows a strong correlation with reduced diversity of gut microbiota. Although more work is needed, the findings raise the possibility that probiotics could play a role in treatment.
Medscape Medical News

Target Patients With Gestational Diabetes After Birth to Reduce Risks

23 jaanuar, 2018 - 18:35
Sufficient studies strongly link gestational diabetes to CVD, and targeting this subgroup of women for prevention will, at the very least, reduce the number converting to type 2 diabetes.
Medscape Medical News

Long-term Metformin in PCOS Benefits Women of All Weights

23 jaanuar, 2018 - 16:59
Long-term metformin given to women with PCOS improved menstrual cycle regularity and hormone profiles in normal and overweight women; however, there were differences in response by testosterone status.
Medscape Medical News