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'Watchful Waiting' Best Approach for Benign Ovarian Cysts

7 veebruar, 2019 - 19:00
Women with benign ovarian cysts had a low risk for malignancy when managed conservatively with a watchful waiting approach, according to the largest study to examine this tactic to date.
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IVF Ups Risk of Severe Pregnancy Complications

7 veebruar, 2019 - 17:24
IVF was found to increase the risk of severe pregnancy complications compared with women who conceived normally; noninvasive infertility treatment showed no such association, however.
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Breast Implant Link to Rare T-Cell Lymphoma an Ongoing Concern

6 veebruar, 2019 - 21:45
Most confirmed cases have been associated with textured implants, which have been more popular in Europe than in the United States.
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FDA OKs First Targeted Therapy for Rare Blood Clotting Disorder

6 veebruar, 2019 - 21:29
Caplacizumab (Cablivi) injection is indicated in combination with plasma exchange and immunosuppressive therapy for adults with acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (aTTP).
FDA Approvals

Trump Tackles Drug Costs, HIV, Abortion in State of the Union

6 veebruar, 2019 - 15:05
Republicans and Democrats in Congress have already been targeting drug prices, but almost assuredly won't approve an abortion ban.
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Pregnancy of Unknown Location

5 veebruar, 2019 - 19:08
Different diagnostic protocols for confirming an ectopic pregnancy were compared in a meta-analysis.
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Estrogen and Venous Thrombosis: Route, Type, and Dose Matter!

1 veebruar, 2019 - 17:57
JoAnn Manson reviews a large study that provides evidence about the safety of different estrogen formulations for menopausal hormone therapy.
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Finally, Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Get VIP Treatment

1 veebruar, 2019 - 12:38
A first-of-its-kind US clinic aims to change the care model for metastatic breast cancer patients, a subgroup that has been historically underserved.
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Positive Thinking Shows Power in Preventing Diabetes

1 veebruar, 2019 - 01:26
Optimism is linked to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes; hostility and negativity increase the risk.
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Receipt of Primary Care Improves Experience, Quality of Care

28 jaanuar, 2019 - 23:06
Receipt of primary care correlates with more high-value outpatient care and better healthcare experience among adult patients, new data showed.
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Another ICU Intervention That May Not Work as Advertised

28 jaanuar, 2019 - 19:23
Dr Aaron Holley on the continued debate over whether PPIs truly limit GI bleeding in this setting.
Medscape Critical Care

Diagnosing PE During Pregnancy: A Noteworthy Approach

28 jaanuar, 2019 - 18:51
Dr Amal Mattu reviews a paper that provides an evidence-based approach to ruling out PE in pregnant women.
Medscape Emergency Medicine

Call the Midwife! (If the Doctor Doesn't Object)

28 jaanuar, 2019 - 18:35
Lack of knowledge about midwifery care as well as restrictive laws and policies remain obstacles to the broader involvement of nurse midwives in obstetric care, who attend fewer than 9% of births in the US.
Kaiser Health News

Could This Be Behind the Early Puberty Trend in Girls?

28 jaanuar, 2019 - 16:11
New research highlights a link between chemicals in common personal care products and early puberty in girls
Medscape Ob/Gyn

What We Can Do About Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy

28 jaanuar, 2019 - 15:39
The latest CDC analysis shows opioid use disorder during pregnancy is a growing national problem.
CDC Expert Commentary

Spinal Fusions Ineffective for Fracture Pain, Says ASBMR

25 jaanuar, 2019 - 16:37
Vertebroplasty does not work to relieve pain from a spinal fracture caused by osteoporosis, concludes a new review. Rather, time is a great healer and patients should receive osteoporosis medications.
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FDA Clears First Diagnostic Test for Mycoplasma genitalium

24 jaanuar, 2019 - 23:01
The Aptima nucleic acid amplification test detects Mycoplasma genitalium in urine, urethral, penile meatal, endocervical, and vaginal swab samples collected in a clinical setting.
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Delaying Newborn Baths Boosts Breastfeeding Rates

24 jaanuar, 2019 - 18:46
Delaying the initial newborn bath may retain the familiar scent of amniotic fluid for the infant, and normal temperature also is more commonly retained. The result? Higher rates of breastfeeding.
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No Benefit From Endometrial Scratching Before IVF: Global Trial

24 jaanuar, 2019 - 00:20
It may be time to stop performing endometrial scratching prior to implanting an embryo as part of in vitro fertilization (IVF), a large global randomized controlled trial suggests.
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Gabapentin Improves Sexual Function in Some With Vulvodynia

22 jaanuar, 2019 - 19:51
Gabapentin improves sexual function in women with both vulvodynia and severe pelvic floor muscle pain.
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