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Air Pollution at Key Stages of Pregnancy Affects Fetal Thyroid

18 september, 2018 - 19:21
Exposures to ambient particulate matter, particularly in mid-pregnancy, are linked to increases in newborn total thyroxine measures.
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'Amazing' Reduction in Obesity at Age 5 from Early Sleep Training

17 september, 2018 - 18:04
Children whose parents received sleep support and guidance in the months after childbirth had half the risk of obesity at age 5 compared with other groups studied, in a somewhat unexpected new study finding.
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Progesterone Best for Preterm Birth in Women With a Short Cervix

17 september, 2018 - 16:44
The PESAPRO study shows cervical pessary is not better than vaginal progesterone for early preterm birth prevention in women with a short cervix and is associated with more adverse events.
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ASPREE: No Benefit of Aspirin in Primary Prevention

17 september, 2018 - 15:40
Findings of the ASPREE trial show no benefit, at all, of aspirin in primary prevention of disability, cardiovascular events and death, or all-cause death in healthy elderly people.
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New Guidance for Care of Transgender Children, Teenagers

17 september, 2018 - 11:44
A new American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement provides guidance for pediatricians caring for transgender and gender-diverse children and adolescents and their families.
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Adolescents Conceived by ART Show Increased Vascular Aging

14 september, 2018 - 15:50
A follow-up of healthy adolescents conceived through assisted reproductive technologies shows persistent premature vascular aging and progression to hypertension.
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Oral Contraceptive Use Link to Childhood Leukemia

13 september, 2018 - 16:58
Maternal use of combined estrogen/progestin oral contraception near or during pregnancy was significantly associated with an increased risk for non-lymphoid-type leukemia in offspring.
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Clinicians Advised to Prep for 'Huge Challenge' From Florence

13 september, 2018 - 00:13
Disaster aid organization urges clinicians to reach out to fragile patients, as hospitals and aid organizations prepare for what one governor says will be a 'marathon, not a sprint.'
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Do You Support Single-Payer Health Insurance?

12 september, 2018 - 14:21
For the first time, the American Medical Association has given the idea a full hearing.
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Two New Contraceptive Methods: More Choice or More Risk?

11 september, 2018 - 22:39
Dr Andrew Kaunitz comments on the benefits of one of these new methods and some concerns about the other.
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Mild Gestational Diabetes Ups Risk for Women and Their Children

11 september, 2018 - 18:07
Diagnosing gestational diabetes using new looser criteria is important because even 'mild elevations in blood sugar during pregnancy have important implications for both the mother and the child.'
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Long-term Data Support Less Surgery in Breast Cancer

11 september, 2018 - 18:07
Long-term findings continue to support the currently recommended practice of doing no axillary dissection in early breast cancer when patients have only one or more micrometastases in the sentinel nodes.
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The Overwhelming Safety of the HPV Vaccine

7 september, 2018 - 20:56
Why has one of the most well-studied vaccines in history been unable to dispel fears about its safety?
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Green Dye Beats Blue for Node Mapping in Uterine Cancer

5 september, 2018 - 17:49
Green fluorescent dye was found to be superior to standard blue dye for sentinel lymph node mapping in uterine cancers.
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Test All Pregnant Women for Syphilis Early, USPSTF Says

5 september, 2018 - 17:17
Screen all pregnant women for syphilis early in pregnancy, the USPSTF urges in a statement reaffirming its 2009 recommendation, as troubling trends show a recent doubling of cases of congenital syphilis.
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New ESC Guideline on Cardiovascular Disease in Pregnancy

5 september, 2018 - 16:29
The document endorses a pregnancy heart team for care, advises inducing labor at 40 weeks, and provides a table on safety of cardiovascular drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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Early Menopause in 64% of Young Lung Cancer Patients

4 september, 2018 - 19:11
Premenopausal women with lung cancer treated with chemotherapy are, like young women with breast cancer, at significant risk for amenorrhea, according to a first-of-its-kind study.
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Label Mix-Up Prompts Montelukast Recall

1 september, 2018 - 00:39
Pill bottles that are labeled as montelukast sodium tablets but actually contain the antihypertensive losartan potassium are being recalled.
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New Equation Bests BMI at Estimating Body Fat Mass

31 august, 2018 - 23:51
A new way to estimate the percentage of whole-body fat appears to be superior to BMI in men and women and across various ethnic groups and is less likely to misclassify individuals in the wrong obesity category.
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FDA Approves Two New Drugs for HIV

31 august, 2018 - 19:03
Pifeltro contains doravirine, a new non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, and Delstrigo is a fixed-dose combination of doravirine, lamivudine, and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate.
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