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ACA Mandate Reduced Out-of-Pocket Cost for IUDs, Upped Use

20 aprill, 2018 - 13:38
Women with health plans that eliminated previously high out-of-pocket costs associated with IUD placement after the ACA mandate for contraceptive coverage saw the biggest increases in IUD use.
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Gender Disparities in Pay Still Problematic for Ob/Gyns

20 aprill, 2018 - 13:38
Obstetrician/gynecologists who are men reported higher annual compensation ($339,000) than women ($273,000), an annual difference of $66,000, according to the latest Medscape Ob/Gyn Compensation Report.
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Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control Still Hard to Find

20 aprill, 2018 - 13:38
Despite legislation permitting them to prescribe contraceptives, only a small minority of California pharmacists offer this service, the results of a new survey show.
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USPSTF: Exercise, Not Supplements, for Preventing Falls

20 aprill, 2018 - 13:38
The US Preventive Services Task Force's new recommendations advised exercise, but not calcium and vitamin D supplementation, for preventing falls and fractures.
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Individualized Guidance Needed on Sex in High-Risk Pregnancies

20 aprill, 2018 - 13:38
Recommendations on sexual activity restriction during high-risk pregnancies should be individualized based on a patient's obstetric history and comorbidities, as well as the fears and emotional needs of the patient and her partner.
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Stop Screening for Early Ovarian Cancer, USPSTF Says

20 aprill, 2018 - 13:38
There is no evidence that screening actually improves outcomes in ovarian cancer, according to a USPSTF analysis of the best available data.
Medscape Oncology

Parents' Preconception Well-Being Affects Child's Future Health

17 aprill, 2018 - 01:41
'Alongside continued efforts to reduce smoking, alcohol consumption, and obesity...we call for heightened awareness of preconception health, [especially] diet and nutrition,' researchers urge.
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FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials

14 aprill, 2018 - 01:14
The draft guidance for industry outlines the scientific and ethical issues to address when considering the inclusion of pregnant women in clinical trials of drugs and biological products.
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Cannabis Component Found in Breast Milk, but Does It Harm Baby?

13 aprill, 2018 - 23:07
THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, ends up in breast milk of women who smoke marijuana, but just how much is absorbed by the baby or the effects on neurodevelopment are unclear.
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Mosaicism and IVF Success

13 aprill, 2018 - 18:19
Can mosaic embryos produce healthy euploid newborns?
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Zika Infection Risk From Semen Low, Short-lived, Study Finds

12 aprill, 2018 - 17:20
Most men infected with Zika virus had viral RNA in their semen for several weeks, but only 4% had potentially sexually transmissible virus; the high-risk period was the 30 days after symptom onset.
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Sex, Intimacy Improved on Sacubitril/Valsartan in Heart Failure

12 aprill, 2018 - 16:32
Quality-of-life gains were strongest in the domains that patients care about most, those reflecting activity and social engagement, say researchers about participants in the PARADIGM-HF trial.
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Hysterectomy Complications Rose After Morcellation Warning

11 aprill, 2018 - 18:11
Women who underwent hysterectomy for uterine fibroids experienced significantly increased complications after the FDA warned against the use of power morcellation during these procedures, a study finds.
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Steroid-Induced Bone Loss Better Treated With Denosumab?

10 aprill, 2018 - 19:20
Denosumab found to be superior to risedronate in the treatment of steroid-induced osteoporosis at 12 months, at least in terms of BMD, among patients starting steroid therapy or those who remained on it.
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Low-dose Vaginal Estrogen Not Linked to Breast Density Changes

10 aprill, 2018 - 04:10
Low-dose vaginal estrogen used for one year or longer does not appear to make the breasts appear more dense on mammography or to increase Bi-RADS scores, a case series and literature review suggests.
Reuters Health Information

FDA Restricts Sale of Essure Permanent Contraceptive

9 aprill, 2018 - 23:22
The manufacturer must implement additional safeguards ensure that all women know the risks of the Essure permanent contraceptive device and that healthcare providers comply with the measures.
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Elevated Preconception BP Linked to Repeat Miscarriage

9 aprill, 2018 - 21:46
Young healthy women with slightly elevated blood pressure before they become pregnant may have a higher risk for pregnancy loss.
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Should We Rethink Our Use of Vaginal Estrogen?

2 aprill, 2018 - 16:53
Does a recent study support the use of vaginal estrogen in women with genitourinary syndrome of menopause?
Medscape Ob/Gyn

Prenatal Micronutrients May Cut Mental Illness Risk in Children

28 märts, 2018 - 22:42
Prenatal supplementation with micronutrients should be further considered as a first step in decreasing risk for future psychiatric illnesses in newborns, the authors of a systematic review conclude.
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Vitamin D Linked to Metabolic Syndrome in Postmenopausal Women

28 märts, 2018 - 16:03
Postmenopausal women with cardiovascular disease and low vitamin D levels had an increased risk for metabolic syndrome, high triglycerides, and low HDL.
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