Oluline info BROMOKRÜPTIINI kasutamise kohta!

  The Coordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures – Human (CMDh) has endorsed by majority recommendations on the use of bromocriptine-containing medicines by mouth to prevent or suppress breast milk production (lactation) after childbirth.   The CMDh agreed that the medicines should only be used for this purpose (in strengths up to 2.5 mg) when there are compelling medical reasons for stopping lactation, such as the need to avoid further distress after loss of the baby during or just after childbirth, or in mothers with HIV infection, who should not breastfeed.   Bromocriptine should not be used routinely for preventing or stopping milk production, and must not be used in women at increased risk of serious side effects, including women with various disorders that increase blood pressure or who have or have had heart disease or severe psychiatric disorders. Blood pressure should be monitored so that early signs of an increase can be detected and treatment stopped immediately.   The press release, which includes information to patients and healthcare professionals, is available by clicking here.