PCS World Conference of Reproductive Health (WCRH-2017), 11-12 November 2017 in Athens, Greece

PCS World Conference of Reproductive Health (WCRH-2017).
This year, the WCRH-2017 will be held on 11-12 November, 2017 in Athens, Greece. With an attached scientific programme below.

The updated scientific programme now is available online.
For more information, please check with conference website at http://www.pcscongress.com/wcrh2017/
Programme of WCRH-2017
Keynote Forum and Plenary
Track 1: Reproductive Biology
Session 1-1: Genetic and Genomic Sciences
Session 1-2: Reproductive Immunology
Session 1-3: Hormone and Endocrinology
Session 1-4: Embryos and Stem Cells Research in Reproduction
Session 1-5: Reproductive and Sexual Medicine
Session 1-6: Genital Cancers
Session 1-7: Infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
Session 1-8: Other Breakthrough in Basic Research
Track 2: Infertility and Treatment
Session 2-1: Surgery vs Non Surgery
Session 2-2: Sexual Function and Infertility (Male/Female) 
Session 2-3: Other Novel Technologies
Track 3: Public Health and Social Challenges
Session 3-1: Family Plan/Contraception/Population Control
Session 3-2: High Risk Pregnancy and Syndrome Management
Session 3-3: Inequalities in Developing Countries and Low in Come Countries (Environment, Social Statues, Economic Statues etc.)
Session 3-4: Mental Health
Session 3-5: Outcome of Education/Intervention Programmes
Session 3-6: Other Social Challenges
Track 4: Women's Reproductive Health
Session 4-1: Adult
Session 4-2: Adolescent
Session 4-3: Other Emergent Issues


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