Nexplanon Safety Label update and new insertion site

Vaata eestikeelsete subtiitritega juhiseid Nexplanoni paigaldusest ja eemaldusest siit:


We have a new Product Information that stresses on the new insertion site and contains for the first time ever a link to insertion and removal videos ( The videos are spoken in English but there are Estonian subtitles included.  We have reached out to all Estonian Gyn/Obs, General Practitioners and Pharmacies  with a “Dear Health Care Professional Letter” on this new Nexplanon Product Information.


The new implant insertion site is defined more on relation to the sulcus that lies between the triceps and biceps muscles. The site is 8-10 cm from the medial epicondyle of humerus AND 3-5 cm posterior to the sulcus on the triceps muscle. This is to avoid the possibility to disturb the big nerves and vessels that lie in the sulcus. Also one should puncture the skin with the tip of the needle less than 30 degrees and insert the needle until the bevel is just under the skin and NO further. Then one should lower the applicator to a horizontal position and LIFT the skin to make sure it will be inserted subdermally. And make sure that the needle is inserted to its full length.

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